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‘Titanfall 2’ review

'Titanfall 2' has refined the original’s best ideas to make a great game that facilitates awesome moments. See Full Review »

Our Score 9

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The Wolf Among Us: Season One Review

  • Terrific conclusion
  • Exciting set pieces
  • Needlessly puzzling tease for the second season
Our Score 10

The Wolf Among Us – Episode One: Faith…

  • Superb production values and focus on cinematic…
  • Completely faithful to Willingham's vision for…
  • We'll have to wait for four more episodes to find…
  • The suspense is killing us
Our Score 10

The Walking Dead: Season 2 Review

  • Truly commendable work of interactive storytelling…
  • A magnificent finale that perfectly captures the…
  • You're probably going to cry at some point. Deal…
Our Score 10

XCOM 2 Review

  • Everything great about Enemy Unknown, made better
  • Deep and rewarding strategic complexity
  • Punishing but fair challenge
  • Beautiful presentation
  • Full modding support at launch
  • None
Our Score 10

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Review

  • Gut-wrenching story and lovely character work.
  • Surprising level of control with simple inputs.
  • Beautifully conceived world.
  • None.
Our Score 10

FTL: Faster Than Light – Advanced Edition…

  • Standout iPad controls make that the version to…
  • Advanced Edition to content makes a great game…
  • This is not the true sequel you were hoping for
Our Score 10

Gone Home Review

  • Exceptionally tense play, even in the absence of…
  • One of the best interactive stories yet told
  • None
Our Score 10

The Walking Dead: 400 Days Review

  • Carries forward the first season's stellar writing…
  • Cleverly lets players author the histories of…
  • It's not Season Two.
  • No. Seriously. When is Season Two going to happen?
Our Score 10