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‘Overwatch: Origins Edition’ review

In Blizzard’s expertly designed multiplayer shooter, the most fun comes from working together with other players. See Full Review »

Our Score 8

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Rainbow Six: Siege Review

  • Tactical gameplay requires brains, not reflexes
  • Well-built maps offer a huge variety of ways to…
  • Unlockable characters offer different roles
  • Emphasis on teamwork stands out from most other…
  • Progression system can be a slow, frustrating…
  • Multiplayer gets repetitive
  • Lack of single-player content makes the whole…
Our Score 7

Star Wars Battlefront Review

  • Sprawling worlds recreate the film’s big-screen…
  • Variety of play styles and modes
  • Beautifully renders the original trilogy’s…
  • Driving vehicles and flying ships is a blast
  • Huge battles can be chaotic and frustrating
  • Single-player offerings are thin and unengaging
  • Sometimes feels like a standard shooter with a…
Our Score 7

Rise of the Tomb Raider Review

  • Brimming with intense action
  • Balance of open-world discovery, combat, and story…
  • Lara Croft remains one of gaming’s best…
  • Visually stunning
  • Solid mechanics, from climbing mountains to…
  • Lara’s ridiculous survival skills break…
  • Retreads familiar ground from previous title
  • “Survival vision” strips much of the challenge…
Our Score 8

Need for Speed (2015) Review

  • Gorgeously stylized game world
  • Multitude of tweakable car characteristics
  • Engaging visual customization options
  • Cool soundtrack
  • FMV
  • Repetitive mission types
  • Aloof AI
Our Score 6

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Review

  • Multiplayer has a new flavor
  • Zombie mode sets a great mood
  • Plenty of ways to play and things to try
  • Confusing cooperative mode
  • Disjointed plot doesn’t make much sense
Our Score 6

Fallout 4 Review

  • Massive, inviting world
  • Deeply flexible character development
  • Smoother gunplay makes it a more viable action…
  • New crafting integrates smoothly without obtruding…
  • Greater visual variety than Fallout 3
  • Overly simple dialog and limited role playing
  • Solid, but predictable genre storytelling
Our Score 8

Halo 5: Guardians Review

  • Huge new multiplayer battles in Warzone
  • Smart new REQ system
  • Campaign mode encourages playing with friends
  • Utterly inconsequential story
  • Campaign is a slog when playing alone
Our Score 6

Skylanders: Superchargers Review

  • Innovative vehicle element makes for in-game fun…
  • Online multiplayer feels simple but secure
  • A well-crafted, compelling story for kids and…
  • Great compatibility with all of the previous…
  • Controlling vehicles can get tricky in certain…
Our Score 9