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‘Overwatch: Origins Edition’ review

In Blizzard’s expertly designed multiplayer shooter, the most fun comes from working together with other players. See Full Review »

Our Score 8

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Ridge Racer 3D Review

  • Fun race mechanics
  • The 3D works well
  • The various cars all offer unique perks
  • Unlocking everything takes no time at all
  • No online multiplayer
  • More tracks would help
Our Score 8

Crysis 2 Review

  • The graphics are at times jaw dropping
  • The combat offers a lot of options
  • The mutliplayer is addictive
  • The story is convoluted
  • Technical issues are frequent
  • AI is a grab bag
Our Score 9

Homefront Review

  • The story is deeper than most games int he genre
  • The multiplayer is robust
  • The combat is varied
  • Plenty of glitches
  • Graphics are broken at times
  • Painfully short campaign
Our Score 7.5

MLB 2K11 Review

  • Baseball devotees will love the stats available
  • Batting is fun
  • Fielding is better than ever
  • Glitches
  • Inconsistent graphics
  • Pitching faces a steep learnign curve
Our Score 8

MLB 11: The Show Review

  • The pitching system is slick
  • The Road to the Show mode is improved
  • Great graphics
  • Baserunning can be awkward
  • Steep learnign curve
  • Batting is tough
Our Score 9

Knights Contract Review

  • The game is original at least
  • The upgrade system offers some slick new moves
  • combo attacks are fun
  • The entire game's an escort mission, and your…
  • The graphics are mediocre
  • You can't freaking block
Our Score 5

Killzone 3 Review

  • Impressive visuals
  • The Multiplayer is deep and addictive
  • The combat is varied
  • The campaign is short
  • Glitches are common
  • Friendly AI remains annoying
Our Score 9

Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll Review

  • Addictive combat
  • Unique characters
  • Lots of quests
  • Graphically dated
  • Fantasy setting is generic
  • A step back amongst better RPGs
Our Score 6.5