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XCOM 2 review

XCOM 2 avoids the “sophomore slump” and improves upon an already excellent game with this hotly-anticipated sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown. See Full Review »

Our Score 10

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 Review

  • Everything you expect from a Resident Evil game is…
  • Claire and Moira's campaign feels drastically…
  • The story does more to set up a future conflict…
  • Monster designs and puzzles feel uninspired
  • Co-op partners are relegated to puzzle solution…
Our Score 7

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Review

  • Beautiful, claymation-style visuals
  • Charmingly unique gameplay
  • Co-op is a fun, party-friendly diversion
  • Impossible to play on your TV
Our Score 7

Dead or Alive: Last Round Review

  • Gorgeous visuals on current-gen systems make…
  • Core gameplay is fast, fluid and flexible;…
  • Performance issues lead to consistent crashes and…
  • The two additional characters don't add much…
  • Not much has changed since 2012; this feels more…
  • You have to spend upward of $200 to get the game…
Our Score 5

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Review

  • Streamlined structure makes it far easier to enjoy…
  • Improved movement makes every activity more…
  • An overall more welcoming game than previous…
  • Circle Pad Pro or the New Nintendo 3DS are a must…
Our Score 8

The Order: 1886 Review

  • It's a real looker
  • Too much emphasis on watching over playing
  • The shooting that makes up the bulk of the…
  • Change of pace moments, particularly stealth, are…
  • In short: It's just not fun
Our Score 2

Dying Light Review

  • Massive, detailed open world
  • Superb multiplayer
  • Solid freerunning/parkour
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Combat is a mess
  • Inane story and characters
  • Highly derivative
  • Are we sick of zombies yet?
Our Score 6

Evolve Review

  • The hunter classes perfectly complement each…
  • There’s a truly distinct thrill to taking on the…
  • Awkward control and perspective hurt the sense of…
  • Progression system for leveling and unlocking…
Our Score 7

Grim Fandango Remastered Review

  • Vibrant Mexican-meets-Art-Deco art.
  • Excellent script and characters.
  • Smart, naturalistic puzzles.
  • Steep, but fair challenge with zero hand-holding.
  • Some needlessly frustrating puzzles.
Our Score 9