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XCOM 2 review

XCOM 2 avoids the “sophomore slump” and improves upon an already excellent game with this hotly-anticipated sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown. See Full Review »

Our Score 10

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Destiny: The Dark Below Review

  • Gives high-level players new things to do
  • The new raid has some very memorable moments
  • Most of the new content treads through familiar…
  • Does nothing to address Destiny's deeper issues
  • Not a stable release
Our Score 5

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Review

  • Moving through Saints Row IV’s world feels…
  • Great parody writing that never succumbs to…
  • Killer characters.
  • Regular gunplay can be a drag on the game’s…
Our Score 9

Resident Evil HD Review

  • Excellent presentation preserves the original…
  • New controls take out some of the tedium born out…
  • Delectable puzzles and art.
  • New controls sometimes get confused by scene…
Our Score 9

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 remix Review

  • Tons of game.
  • Bizarre, idiosyncratic work unlike anything else…
  • Mickey Mouse fights an army of monsters with Cloud…
  • Awkward pacing sometimes makes the games a chore…
  • Needlessly intricate gameplay systems bring down…
Our Score 8

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Review

  • Rhythm of mapping dungeons is a distinct treat.
  • Excellent weird art.
  • Involving, punishing strategic fights.
  • Set up is almost too similar to Persona 4: Arena.
  • Very little drama outside of fan fiction.
Our Score 7

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Review

  • Gorgeous presentation.
  • Satisfying, replayable puzzle stages.
  • Uncluttered by needless extraneous features.
  • It's 2014, Nintendo. Extra lives are pointless.
Our Score 8

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Review

  • Funny writing
  • Lots of familiar DC Comics locations
  • Repeated character abilities take the fun out of…
  • Kid-friendly gameplay at odds with adult…
  • Takes away the open worlds of its predecessor
Our Score 5

Escape Dead Island Review

  • Cel-shaded graphics and motion comic cut scenes…
  • Arduous combat and stealth mechanics
  • Boilerplate zombie narrative
Our Score 3