X Rebirth

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X Rebirth is the upcoming sixth installment in the X series, by Egosoft, in development for the PC, OS X and Linux platforms. Players return once again to the X Universe, where a system of “jumpgates” link various sectors of space, inhabited by a myriad of alien species, allowing trans-lightspeed transportation between them. More specifically, the player takes on the role of a male pilot with a female companion, beginning in a battered, out of date vessel. From there, through trade, combat or diplomacy, the player may build a fortune, earn an entire fleet of their own and come to a position of power in the X Universe.

X Rebirth promises a level of detail unprecedented in the X series, with fully fleshed out interiors for ships and space stations, persistent characters with their own roles and routines, and a dynamic economy and universe where every action has a consequence. Players may have to fight off pirates, or they might choose to become one themselves. Through shrewd trading, they may establish an entire empire of their own. Through growing notoriety, they may become the most wanted criminal in the universe. Environments are even entirely destructable, so that destroying the power source of a large space station, for instance, may cause the entire station to explode. 

Date Available

  • November 19, 2013


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