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17 minutes of gorgeous gameplay from ‘Battlefield 4’

Ever since GDC kicked off in San Francisco at the beginning of this week, there’s been a steady stream of new trailers coming in for yet-to-be-released titles. With the next generation of consoles looming in the distance, some of the games later this year are absolutely stunning, and perhaps the most notable in this category so far is Battlefield 4. The game’s predecessor, Battlefield 3, is nothing to scoff at when it comes to graphics, but BF4 really does take things to the next level. Extreme attention to environmental detail, improved particle physics, and incredibly realistic light behavior all work together to make a truly eye-popping game. Of course, the video here is running on a PC, and avery, veyr good one at that, but the next gen versions should be impressive as well. 

No word just yet on a release date for the game, but we’re anticipating it will be sometime around the launch date for the PlayStation 4 in Fall of this year. Head over to our full post on Battlefield 4 for more details.