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AC3 Liberation: the American Revolution in the palm of your hand

With all the talk about Assassin’s Creed generally centered on the console version of AC3, we haven’t heard too much about Ubisoft’s handheld title Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation. The last time we saw AC3L‘s heroine back in August, she was wrestling alligators and taking on guards with a bullwhip, but in this trailer she shares the spotlight with some of the developers who created her. 

Much like the console AC3, Liberation has a great deal of historical accuracy. It takes place in 18th Century Louisiana, and despite the fact that it’s coming to the PSVita, players can expect the world to be just as massive and painstakingly detailed as past console versions of Assassin’s Creed

AC3: Liberation is scheduled to be released alongside the console version of AC3 on October 30th, and just as you may have suspected, developers in this trailer confirm that the two games will have some cross-play features.