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Akai Katana trailer

SHMUPs or “bullet hell” games require twitch reflexes that most gamers might not have in this current generation of consoles. If you grew up in the 1990s and played on the NES or SNES then you’re probably familiar with SHMUP style games. A couple of arcade classics that come to mind include 1942Contra, and Metal Slug. A more modern example would arguably be Geometry Wars for Xbox 360.

Fans of the “bullet hell” style of SHMUPs might want to keep an eye out for CAVE Interactive and Rising Star Games’ Akai Katana. This bullet hell game features hand-drawn artwork, two-player co-op, and online leaderboards. There are also three different game modes: Origin (arcade style), Slash, and Climax. 

We have to say that based on this trailer Akai Katana looks as manic and gorgeous as any bullet hell game has the right to be. At the moment, there is no specific release date for the game beyond “Spring 2012.” And you’ll only see it on the Xb0x 360, sorry PS3 fans.