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Assassins Creed 3: Inside AC3 episode 1

If you ever wondered just how much time, collaboration, and hard work developers put in to create Assassins Creed, this video will begin give you an idea. Despite starting off with the somewhat presumptuous title “Making a Masterpiece”, episode one  definitely left us thinking AC3 is going to be just that.

Ubisoft’s creative team for the game is comprised of hundreds of people, and is spread across studios in five countries — each of which works on different and highly specific aspects of the game. AC3 will run on the new AnvilNext engine, which has allowed developers to give the game an unprecedented level of detail. Everything from the massive landscapes, the weather, and the fighting system have all been improved from previous versions of Assassins Creed. 

If you weren’t already excited for the game’s October 30th release date, this inside look will definitely do the trick.