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Assassins Creed 3: Naval Warfare Walkthrough

If you’ve been keeping up with all the awesome trailers Ubisoft has been releasing for Assassins Creed 3, then you probably already know that part of the game will be played aboard 18th century naval ships. What you may not have known is how awesome it’s going to be.

With the game’s new AnvilNext engine, developers were able to create highly realistic oceans and dynamic weather than can change at any moment. You can lose sight of an enemy ship behind a massive swell or be forced to drop sails and end your pursuit altogether if a harsh storm comes in. And judging from some of the other things Hutchinson goes over, it looks like the environment won’t be the only thing that’s incredibly detailed. Everything from the weapons at your disposal to the battles that you fight will be vibrant, realistic, and (to some degree) historically accurate.

Be sure to check back for more videos in the weeks to come — with just over two months before AC3 is released, we expect to see a lot more trailers come out as the release date draws nearer.