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Battlefield Heroes – Robotics trailer

EA’s free-to-play PC title Battlefield Heroes has add some very silly packs and player add-ons in the past, like this past Halloween’s vampires and mummies. This time around, they’re adding robots into the mix of over-the-top cartoony silliness that encompasses the game. 

In this one, National and Royal scientists have been battling back and forth coming up with two different versions of fighting robots. We’re fans of the Royal bots with their mustaches. The robots will come with an array of weapons. These include pocket tanks, a rotating machine gun and an SMG with Altfire. 

This trailer is part of a series of trailers for Battlefield Heroes “Goes to the Moon” series. Next month, a new trailer with big news about the game will be released. As a sidenote: a new capture the flag version of Buccaneer Bay has also been released.