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Behold the mean streets of Hope in this Hitman: Absolution trailer, featuring commentary

When he’s not busy busting dominatrix nuns in the jaw and thus setting the internet ablaze with controversy, our beloved bald butcher enjoys long walks down the streets of quiet towns. Of course, Agent 47 is not the kind and gentle sort, so his walks down the street are typically punctuated with plenty of awesome murder.

At E3 this year we were treated with a glimpse of Agent 47’s newest outing in Hitman: Absolution. The game was impressive, and the variety in the way you can complete missions was enough that we left convinced that the game had the potential to be one of the year’s biggest sleeper hits. But don’t just take our word for it, check out this 17 minute video featuring commentary from the game’s director, Tore Blystad, as well as a community team member, Travis. Keep in mind that the graphics and mechanics are all still pre-beata too.

The playthrough is pure gameplay, and shows Agent 47 in the sleepy town of Hope, on a mission to take out a gang known as “The Cougars” so he can get to their boss. Keep an eye on the incredible amount of options, and watch for the game on OnLive, PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on November 20.