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‘Betrayer’ visits the New World with snazzy art design and tons of dev talent

Betrayer is a game that catches your attention from the moment you first peer at it. Newly formed studio Blackpowder Games brings a visually arresting aesthetic to its first-person action adventure, set in a black and white world splashed with occasional bursts of red. A newly released reveal trailer offers a first look at the 1604 setting and some of the beings that dwell there; you’ll be able to take a closer look soon enough, as Betrayer comes to Steam Early Access on August 14, 2013.

You play as a new arrival in Colonial Virginia, fresh off the boat from England. The colony that you were meant to join is deserted when you get there, and solving the mystery of what happened quickly asserts itself as your main goal. As you can see in the trailer, it’s not a particularly friendly bunch that you find waiting to greet you. It’s not clear on how the game is structured, but from the description on the official website, it sounds as if there’s some element of exploration and discovery mixed in alongside first-person combat with period-specific weapons like bows and axes.

The Seattle-based Blackpowder is led by a team of ex-Monolith Productions developers, and specifically members of the team behind the original F.E.A.R. and the No One Lives Forever series. Craig Hubbard held lead development duties on both of those beloved Monolith properties, and he serves now as creative director on Betrayer. This one looks looks like it’s worthy of your attention, so take a peek at the trailer below.