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Bungie showcases ‘Destiny’ characters at GDC

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When Bungie first announced their ambitious new title Destiny last month, the gaming world took notice. It’s not just exciting because it’s the studio’s first game since leaving the Halo franchise, but it also marks the beginning of their decade-long publishing deal with Activision. The new universe Bungie is building in Destiny will undoubtedly be the backbone of its ten-year relationship with Activision, so it’s focusing all its energy into developing a seriously epic game.

And it’s starting to show – this week at GDC in San Francisco, Bungie unveiled the above video to show off the characters they’ve been building in the past few months. There’s currently not too much information out there about them, but the footage shows off the Hive, the Fallen, the Vex, and the Cabal.

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