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Call of Duty: Elite official trailer

Call of Duty: Elite is starting its “Season of Content” this month, what this means for players is that for the next months new maps, modes, and features will become available for subscribers to Beachhead Studio’s multiplayer platform for the Call of Duty series. Some of the other features include the ability to study maps and player trends as well as your personal trends within the game. These include statistics that track your tendency with various weapons (i.e. accuracy, kill/death rate, etc.). 

Elite also lets people form clans and manage them through the application. To get full access to the “Season of Content” and various other features you’ll need to pay $50.00 for a year’s subscription. However, you can use the program for free but it does not let you access new maps and modes without paying the normal price for them.

Elite is available on PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. 

Little trivia tidbit: Rob Riggle was actually an officer  in the Marines and served in Kosovo and later in Afghanistan.