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Capcom announces official release date for Remember Me in this new trailer.

Remember Remember Me? It’s been quite a while since we last heard anything about the game, so we can’t blame you if you forgot about it.

First announced at Gamescom last year, Remember Me is a cyberpunk action-thriller game set in 2084. If you didn’t already guess it from the date, the game takes place in an Orwellian sci-fi world where the government is always watching and your memories can be manipulated by the state. But Big Brother isn’t the only one who can scramble people’s brains. You play as Nilin – a memory hunter who can hack into people’s minds and remix their memories, but who also has a bad case of amnesia. Essentially, it’s like a cyberpunk hybrid of Inception, The Matrix, and Total Recall.

Along with this new trailer, Capcom also announced an official release date for the game. You can expect Remember Me to hit shelves on June 4th, but be sure to check back for more trailers until then.