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Check out 13 hilariously offensive minutes of South Park: Stick of Truth

It’s finally out! Check out our review of South Park: The Stick of Truth RPG from Ubisoft.

South Park: Stick of Truth is just a few weeks away from its March 4 release date, but if you need to get your fix now, we have you covered with 13 minutes of glorious, politically-incorrect video.

Ubisoft and Obsidian have released some video of an early chunk of the game, giving fans a hint of what to expect. And in summation, it is everything you would want a South Park game to be. The clip introduces you to the protagonist, the new kid in town known as the mighty … Douchebag. Blame Cartman for that name.

It also gives you a fairly good look at what to expect, both in terms of gameplay and story. You start off by selecting one of four, somewhat offensive classes, then are introduced to the turn-based combat. According to the game, you fight in this turn-based style, because it’s old timey and that’s how they did things so shut up.

Throughout it all, your mentor is Cartman, and he is at his best and most unfiltered, without the meager constraints of even cable TV to hold him back. With that said, it should go without saying that the game – and therefore this video – is not safe for work, at least not without headphones on.

South Park: Stick of Truth has completed development, and will be available for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on March 4.