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Civilization 5: Gods and Kings launch trailer

The first expansion to Civilization 5 from Firaxis Games, Gods and Kings, hits stores today and is the first major expansion for the real-time strategy title. 

Firaxis Games’ Civilization 5 was released towards the end of 2010 to critical praise and fan raves, and a new expansion pack is on the way to keep fans going with dreams of seeing their digital empires rise and fall. The most recent Civ game updated the franchise and added even more to a series already full of pieces, and with the first expansion pack for Civ 5, Firaxis is adding in more than just a couple of new nations. They’re also adding new (or retrofitted) gameplay elements including religion and espionage. 

To get a deeper understanding of how some of these new mechanics and nations will work, take a peek at our hands-on previews, and look for our review next week.

The expansion pack, Civilization 5: Gods and Kings is set to launch next week on June 19 for PC and Mac.