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Company of Heroes 2: Multiplayer trailer brings out the big guns

THQ’s epic WWII strategy game will be back for a second round in 2013.

The sequel to 2006’s critically-acclaimed RTS game Company of Heroes will soon be on the market, and this new trailer shows off some of the new and improved multiplayer features THQ has been working on. The original Company of Heroes gained favor with PC gamers for it’s stellar single player campaigns, but never really gained traction in the competitive gaming scene because its multiplayer gameplay wasn’t nearly as polished. Judging from this new video, however, Company of Heroes 2 aims to change that.

We caught word that THQ was working on a sequel back in June, but the early trailers were all cinematic. It wasn’t until recently that they released actual gameplay trailers and began closed beta testing — two good signs that suggest the game will be coming out sometime in early 2013.