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New Crysis 3 gameplay trailer is full of post-apocalyptic pwnage

Check out this new trailer from Crytek featuring gameplay from the yet-to-be-released Crysis 3.

More good news about Crysis 3 today, as it seems that Crytek is nearing the final stages of production for the game. Up until now, most of the trailers we’ve seen for the much-anticipated third installment have been cinematic trailers, but this latest one is 6 minutes of raw, uncut alpha gameplay footage. In our opinion, they shouldn’t even bother with cinematics from here on out — the in-game footage looks stunning enough already.

We haven’t yet gotten an official release date, but Crytek anticipates launching sometime in February 2013. Stay tuned for more trailers, as we expect to get plenty more in the months leading up to the release.