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Crysis 3’s hunter mode makes Robin Hood look like a punk

Pre-order a copy of Crysis 3 and you can get your hands on some killer multiplayer perks.

If you haven’t checked out the new Hunter Mode that Crytek is bringing to Crysis 3, you should definitely take a look. Basically, you and a partner play as Hunters with adaptive-camouflage nanosuits that render you practically invisible. While in your stealthy getups, you must coordinate to prevent a group of Cell Troopers from evacuating the area. 

If you order the game before it’s released, Crytek promises to toss you a few perks — things like extra XP, special arrows, and a new bow. They’re also doing a promotional deal right now where you’ll get a digital copy of the original Crysis when you pre-order Crysis 3, which is a great opportunity for new players to get into the series.