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Dark Souls gets a sequel

Along with a handful of other surprises at the VGAs, this trailer reveals that Dark souls will soon get a sequel.

Just one short year after their release of the original Dark Souls, From Software will soon release a second installment of the game. Dark Souls was something of a cult hit, but the hardcore action-RPG never really gained a widespread fanbase because it was just too difficult for casual gamers. That’s not to say it was a bad game though — it was just a challenging one.

We love a good challenge here at DT, so we liked Dark Souls just for that reason. It had challenges aplenty. What it lacked, however, was a good plot, which is exactly what From Software has been working to improve in Dark Souls 2. The game’s sequel will feature the same style of relentlessly difficult dungeon-hopping gameplay, but with a much more clear, detailed, and understandable storyline than its predecessor.

The studio behind Dark Souls 2 has yet to announce an official release date, so stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks.