Defend our house! Mass Effect 3 DLC comes to earth

Mass Effect 3 continues to earn both the adoration and scorn of huge numbers of followers–depending on how you look at it. The much reviled ending (which was just as equally defended) was recently augmented thanks to another piece of DLC, which put the spotlight of the game back on the single player campaign.

But while the internet collectively lost its mind over the ending of the game, the multiplayer quietly began to build something of a cult following. The co-op survival/horde mode is somewhat limited though, a fact BioWare knew well, as countered with a series of free DLCs, adding new weapons, characters, and maps.

The newest addition to the game adds six new characters, new weapons, a new “platinum” difficulty, new in-mission objectives, and three new maps set on Earth.

The “Earth” DLC is out today for XBL, PSN, and Origin.

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