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Diablo 3 – ‘Wrath’ film

Blizzard has long been known for the amazing cinematics that show up in all of their games–half of the fun in playing a Blizzard game is getting to the cut scenes. There have been a few cinematic trailers for Diablo 3 out previous to now, but nothing like the short film Wrath. Now, Wrath isn’t quite like the CGI-trailers that you’re used to, but the cartoon style works well here and is intriguing to look at.

Wrath was created in a team up between Blizzard Entertainment and the acclaimed animation studio, Titmouse, with director Peter Chung (creator of Aeon Flux… the cartoon, not the Charlize Theron movie) behind the lens. The story explores “The Eternal Conflict between angels and demons [that] raged on for untold millenia”, all before the creation of Sanctuary.

It’s been 12 years since Diablo 2 hit PCs and Macs, and 16 since the original Diablo started wrecking mouses way back in 1996. For those who’ve been waiting, it’s almost over as Diablo 3 comes out on May 15 for both PC and Mac.