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Dishonored ‘Study of Stealth’ gameplay footage

We’ve known Bethesda had more Dishonored gameplay footage in the works since they hinted at it in their last trailer. It was only a matter of time before they released it. Well the waiting game is over, as they’ve just released the “Study of Stealth” video which showcases some of the various moves and strategies players can use to sneak around without being detected.

The first ability we’re shown is the DarkVision power, which will illuminate enemies’ fields of vision, and essentially show you which spots you need to avoid in order to remain unseen. In a lot of ways, it’s reminiscent of the Metal Gear Solid series — right down to the animated alerts and sounds that pop up when you’re discovered.  

The video also shows how you can use sound to attract enemy attention and create diversions. This is pretty much standard for stealth-oriented games, but with a host of supernatual abilities, you can bet that Dishonored will be a fresh take on the genre.