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DMC – Devil May Cry gameplay trailer

Capcom recently released this trailer that shows off some of the gameplay in the upcoming Devil May Cry game, simply titled DMC. On a preliminary look there’s nothing crazy special about the gameplay but it does look fun and seems to have a Devil May Cry feel.

Fans of the Devil series have been pretty angry over the change to the lead character, Dante. In previous games he’s worn a flowing red trench coat and had white hair. Generally, the art style has been more anime influenced when it comes to character designs. 

For the new DMC Dante has gotten a make-over with a lot more browns in his look. He’s now a brunette and he doesn’t appear to be sporting his trademark red trench coat. It’ll be interesting to see whether or not fans of the series will forgo the new game because of these aesthetic changes. 

DMC will be on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and you should see it on store shelves 2012. Unfortunately, we can’t get more specific than that as there is no set date for release yet.