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Alien: Isolation is a sci-fi game in a lo-fi world

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Don’t bother looking for any cutting-edge technology that will help you survive in the upcoming survival-horror game, Alien: Isolation. You won’t come across holographic displays or high-tech tools or any thing of the sort. Instead, you’ll find a reflection of the future as envisioned in 1979.

When Ridley Scott and his team began creating the look for Alien back in the late 70s, it was meant to appear as futuristic as possible. The movie was made long before the rise of CG though, and so Alien’s look was limited by what the designers could create on set. For the upcoming game, the developers at The Creative Assembly decided to honor that dated, yet distinctive visual flair. The result is a sci-fi game with a lo-fi look.

“This is a game set in the future, but based in the past,” Al Hope, Alien: Isolation’s creative lead, said. “It’s a place which we can really relate to. It’s also a world in which technology won’t save you.”

The game honors more than the visual look of the film, it honors the tone of it. Like the original movie, Isolation pits you against a single Xenomorph, and it forces you to think of ways to survive rather than just grabbing an assault rifle and unloading on it. You are alone, and you are being hunted. For a closer look at the game, check out our GDC preview.

In the video above, the developers discuss the process they went through in order to recapture the look of the film. We should see more of that look in the coming months, as Alien: Isolation nears its October 7, 2014 release.