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Dragon’s Dogma – Phantom ogre trailer

We last heard about Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma way back in August. If you’d like a reminder, check out our hands-on preview and some of our other coverage. The game will be Capcom’s first real foray in the open-world genre of gaming.

A lot of the action and gameplay will feature players battling flying creatures and dungeon crawling in a mix of D&D and Greek mythology motifs. This particular trailer shows off a battle between the main character and a phantom as well as an ogre. 

The plot follows the game’s protagonist after an attack by dragons on the village of Casadeis. The dragon rips the hero’s heart out after claiming that he is the “chosen one.” Through an unknown miracle, the protagonist is resurrected and comes to be known as the “enlightened one.” He then sets out on a quest to retrieve his heart and kill the dragon that stole it.

Expect to see Dragon’s Dogma on store shelves starting May 22 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.