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‘Dying Light’ in the PS4 looks horrifyingly pretty

Techland’s upcoming zombie shooter Dying Light looks very pretty on the PlayStation 4, and we have video to prove it.

In the clip released by Techland and WBIE, a new area called “Old Town” is revealed, but the video also highlights some of what the PlayStation 4 can do with lighting effects. The game places a huge emphasis on the difference between night and day, so a good lighting system is important for more than just the looks of the game, it features into the gameplay itself.

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During the day, zombies (or “infected” as they are called) mill about and chase after your tasty flesh as zombies are wont to do. Under the light of the sun you can move around the infected city using free-running mechanics, scavenging crates and finding weapons as you go. Then at night things take a turn for the worse. Zombies become more aggressive, and creatures known as “predators” appear to hunt you. The game then then goes from collecting items in the light to surviving until dawn.

Techland knows its zombies. After creating the Dead Rising series with publisher Deep Silver, the developer partnered with WBIE to make the upcoming Dying Light. No release date has been given other than 2014, but it will be released on PC, PS3, PS4 (the platform featured in the video), Xbox 360, and Xbox One.