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Watch a master thief in action in the appropriately named ‘Thief’

“First I stole to survive, then I survived to steal.”

So says Garrett, the master thief of Square Enix and Eidos-Montreal’s upcoming stealth title minutes into Thief‘s first official gameplay trailer. The trailer is the same as the demo previewed at E3, and follows Garrett as he skirts the dimly-lit streets of “The City,” quietly ascending the mansion belonging to the city’s tyrant, the Barron. Garret is hunting for an artifact known as the “Heart of the Lion,” and doesn’t care who he may cross to get it. 

The clip also provides a closer look at the protagonist’s dour hideout, the returning Basso, and highlights the game’s emphasis on infiltration, theft, and escape. Lock picking, pick pocketing and ninja-like maneuvers are all featured, and there’s even a crumbling bridge to showcase the games stunning visual design. Not too shabby for a classic reboot that looked as if it was shaping up to be a companion piece to Arkane’s Dishonored.

Thief is slated for release on current and next-gen consoles on February 25, 2014. Additionally, pre-ordering the fourth installment in the series guarantees you access to an exclusive DLC mission called “The Bank Heist,  in which you infiltrate Stonemarket First Bank in attempt to steal a valuable family heirloom. Check back for further details as the release date draws nearer.