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Far Cry 3 – Meet Dr. Earnhardt in the first gameplay trailer

So far we’ve seen some uncomfortable and somewhat horrifying trailers for Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3. Somehow, you’d think that showing off gameplay for the title wouldn’t involve either sensation, but the trailer campaign for Far Cry 3 rolls on knee deep in crazy weird.

There is gameplay in this trailer, but it’s also mixed in with some just weird off-the-wall cutscenes and moments from the game. One of them involves a strange old doctor named Dr. Earnhardt who decides that the main character, Jason Brody, needs to go on a mind-bending drug trip. 

Coupled with creepy Dr. Earnhardt are shots of the character running around brutally killing pirates. Man, some of those knife kills just feel dirty. Based on this trailer, the game looks as though it will have some serious potential for a rollercoaster of a story and a game.

Far Cry 3’s brand of “WTF?” hits stores on September 4 for PC, Playstation 3 and Xb0x 360.