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Far Cry 3 multiplayer trailer

In addition to its wild single player campaign, Far Cry 3’s multiplayer mode appears to be quite awesome as well.

We’ve heard a lot about Far Cry 3 in the past couple months. Through the handful of trailers we’ve posted thus far, Ubisoft has given us survival tips, introduced us to most of the main characters, and showed us some seriously wild looking gameplay. After all of that, we completely forgot that there was going to be a killer multiplayer mode as well. 

It probably won’t gain the following that CoD: Black Ops 2 has, but thanks to some creative new weapons and gametypes, Far Cry 3 just might steal a few FPS enthusiasts who’ve grown weary of other franchises. From what we’re shown in this trailer, the multiplayer gameplay looks less like the formal military combat we see in most other shooters, and more like cutthroat guerrilla-style tribal warfare. It’s got all the familiar actions like reviving downed comrades and dropping bombs on each other, but it’s also go a few unique ones as well — like a gas that makes it impossible to distinguish friend from foe.

If you’re as excited  as we are to get your hands on a copy, the good news is that there’s little over a week before it’s released in the US. To keep you occupied until then, check out our hands on preview.