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Fast cars and ferris wheels: Forza’s version of paradise

In the months since E3, we’ve gotten a boatload of trailers for Need for Speed: Most Wanted, but haven’t heard much about Forza: Horizon — an open world racing game that looks every bit as high-def, realistic, and fun.

Much like the new NFS title, Forza: Horizon will feature an open world for players to explore as they please, but the game’s focus is on a massive summer music festival/racing convention known as the Horizon Festival, which takes place somewhere in Colorado. In addition to tons of driving objectives and races scattered across the map, developers have included a wide variety of different surface types, which means rally and off-road racing will be possible well.

The game is set to be released on October 23rd, but a demo will be available on October 9th. Stay tuned for more trailers as we expect more to be released in the weeks before the game comes out.