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Final Fantasy XIII-2 – Moogle trailer

At this point it wouldn’t really be a Final Fantasy game if the moogles weren’t involved somehow. Generally, they’re used as healers or to add a level of uber-cuteness to the game. 

For the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII-2 from Square, Enix seems to have added a few uses to the Moogle. Shown in the trailer above, players can use the moogle to hunt for hidden treasures and reach items that are normally out of reach for the characters. 

There is also something called a “Mog Clock” which can penalize or reward players who hit it within the right time period. Rewards include preemptive strikes and penalties include things like the inability to do certain actions during battle. 

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and should be seen it on shelves later this month on January 31.