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First ‘Sniper Elite 3’ cinematic trailer is mind-blowing … literally

Over time, the year 1942 has proven to be just as pivotal in the grand scheme of history as it has been in the grand scheme of video games. Just take a moment to imagine the potential slew of excellent shooters that wouldn’t exist if World War II had never happened. The latest trailer for Rebellion and 505 Games’ upcoming stealth shooter, Sniper Elite 3, showcases the Asura game engine and an arid North Africa set during — when else — the early years of WWII.

The trailer is primarily comprised of cutscenes, opposed to actual gameplay footage, but it does offer the best glimpse yet at the engine’s volumetric lighting, real-time tessellation and other graphical features. It also reveals the overhauled, X-ray “kill camera,” a view quickly showcasing an opponent’s muscle and circulatory system as bullets enter the body from afar. In this case, we get a blood-gushing, slow-motion shot of protagonist Karl Fairburne’s bullet as it penetrates and a shatters an enemy’s soldiers skull outside a war-torn Tobruk City, Libya. Ouch. 

Sniper Elite 3 lands on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PS4 in 2014. Check out our Sniper Elite V2 review for a look a the title’s predecessor, set three years after the events of the upcoming Sniper Elite title.