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Forza Horizon is full speed ahead with new DLC on the way

Weeks after launch, the team behind Forza Horizon isn’t slowing down — they’re already hard at work on multiple DLC’s.

It’s been nearly a month since Forza Horizon hit stores (check out our review for details), and even though we’ve barely had a chance to break in the clutch of our Ferrari F40, Playground Games is already talking about the wealth of downloadable content that will soon be available. 

Although this trailer is essentially an advertisement for Forza Horizon Season Pass, the developers take a few breaks from hyping the game up to explain some of the cool new features. Forza is published by Microsoft Studios, and since Microsoft has just finished rolling out their new SmartGlass project, they made sure show it off. If you’ve got a smartphone or a tablet, you can use the Forza companion app to do things like set waypoints, invite friends to play, or post to your favorite social media site.