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Ghost Recon Future Soldier – Inside Recon: Guerilla Mode

For the most part, trailers for Ghost Recon Future Soldier have focused on the various tech and weaponry that will be available to players. Not much has been said about any of the multiplayer aspects of the game. Fortunately, the latest “Inside Recon” explores the multiplayer game titled “Guerilla Mode.”

Guerilla Mode is a mix of four-player co-op stealth missions and a horde mode. Many horde modes require players to hold a position for a number of increasingly difficult enemy waves. Future Soldier‘s version requires players to take and hold different locations throughout the map while being attacked. It’s an interesting twist on the game play and forces players to move around a lot more.

Some other features of note include the streak bonuses. These are awarded to players for surviving the 50 waves of rounds. The longer you survive the better the reward. These include at best airstrikes, as well as lowlier prizes like upgraded weapons, or defensive tools like turrets and claymores. 

Guerrilla Mode ships with Ghost Recon Future Soldier on May 22 for PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.