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Hitman: Absolution gameplay trailer

The last time we saw a gameplay video for Hitman: Absolution was way back in October of last year. That clip was a 16-minute look at Agent 47 as he attempted to escape from an abandoned Chicago library. It was lengthy, but worth checking out.   

In the latest adventures with Agent 47, IO Interactive shows off some of the various ways that our intrepid “hero” dispatches enemies. Players can go all out guns-blazing, spray-n-pray, or think more strategically and tactically with their kills. 

The other thing you’ll see are some brutal kills. There’s one with an axe that’s a stomach turner. You might not want to watch this one while the boss is around.

We do know that Hitman: Absolution will be available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC, but unfortunately, we can’t get specific on the release date beyond “2012”.