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Hollywood should take notes from the new ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ official trailer

It’s been amazing to see the evolution of video game trailers. Years/decades back, game trailers were live action, with just a few glimpses of gameplay. The camera would pan onto a kid playing a game, then someone/thing would jump out of the TV and scream “awesome,” possibly even “gnarly,” while the determined, and generally adorable kid would have a look of grim determination on his face. Things have changed.

A good video game trailer these days is not that different from a good movie trailer. It combines just enough of the game’s story to explain what the deal is, but it does so in a stylish way that hints at the gameplay. In that sense, a game like Grand Theft Auto V – which has a strong story and a heavy, and unique style to it – has an advantage.

Rockstar’s highly anticipated game won’t be out for a few weeks yet, but now is the time for the trailers, announcements, and unveilings to ramp up. Expect much more as the September 17 release date nears.