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I like my credits shaken, not stirred in this 007 Legends trailer showing the opening cinematics

Bond movies have a bunch of recurring themes: cool gadgets, fast cars, hot women, and awesome opening credits. In the last decade, they’ve generally become more trippy and abstract, and although they’re not making a movie, the creators of 007 Legends have continued this trend. 

We don’t get a sweet new theme song, but that’s probably because the game doesn’t focus on just one movie, but rather six missions from 007’s most famous movies. In previous trailers, we gathered that the game would include missions from Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Moonraker, and Skyfall — but with names like Pam Bouvier and Gustav Graves appearing this clip, we can confidently add License to Kill and Die Another Day to the list. We’re not sure what the sixth movie is, but other sources suggest that it’ll be Goldfinger.

007 Legends is set to be released on October 19th.