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Meet Queen Elizabeth’s court magician, John Dee, in this ZombieU trailer

Whereas the first episode focused on how ZombieU utilizes the WiiU’s unconventional controller to deliver a unique new gaming experience, this second trailer focuses more on the plot, characters, and setting of the game. In arguably the most revealing trailer yet, ZombiU’s lead writer Gabrielle Schrager tells us that there will be not one, but three main characters in the game. Each one has a different background, a different approach to surviving the zombie apocalypse, and a different role in the overall plot.  Sounds intriguing.

Details on the characters aside, the trailer also reveals the origins of ZombiU‘s apocalypse — an event that was predicted 400 years ago by a man named John Dee, a magician in the court of Queen Elizabeth. In one way or another, it appears that all three of the games protagonists are somehow connected to this mysterious figure. At this point further details are scarce, but with the game set to be released on November 18th, it won’t be long until all is revealed.