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‘Infinite Crisis’ devs discuss how destroying stuff is both fun and helpful

the phrase “Multiplayer online battle arena,” or MOBA for short, doesn’t quite roll off the tongue with the same panache as MMORPG. However, Warner Brothers and developer Turbine like hope its upcoming title set in the DC Multiverse might change a few things a la League of Legends.

The latest behind-the-scenes trailer for the developer’s free-to-play arena game, Infinite Crisis, features Creative Director Cardell Kerr and others speaking about the catastrophic events system and how the game’s dynamic environments alter the way players interact and play the title. The majority of your surroundings will be completely destructible, allowing you to hurl cars, demolish buildings and smash the very ground beneath your feet. It looks fast-paced and frantic, but you can always sign up for the closed beta to find out for yourself.

Infinite Crisis is still due in late 2013.