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Injustice: Gods Among Us trailer sheds light on Lex Luthor

For the most part, NetherRealm has kept the plot details for Injustice: Gods Among Us under wraps. Most of the trailers we’ve seen so far have focused on the game’s development or simply shown off the cast of characters, but today they finally tossed us a bone. This new trailer highlights Lex Luthor, and sheds some light on his twisted agenda.

We won’t spoil Lex’s monologue for you, but we will say that it hints at his role in the mysterious organization known as “The Regime,” and offers a bit more insight into his allegiances in the game. 

Gods Among Us is set to hit stores on April 19th, so we expect plenty more trailers to come flooding in as that date draws nearer. Be sure to check back in the coming weeks.