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Call of Duty Ghosts brings forth the Onslaught DLC … and Michael Myers

Developer Infinity Ward is no stranger to DLC. Onslaught, the recently-announced expansion detailed in the video above, is set to be the first of four planned content packs set to arrive via the Call of Duty Ghosts‘ Season Pass. The content-heavy expansion will include four new multiplier maps — Fog, Bayview, Containment, and Ignition — along with two new weapons and the first add-on “episode” for the title’s alien-infested Extinction mode. As shown in the aforementioned developer video and briefly hinted upon within an Instagram, each multiplayer map is set to feature a field order reward unique to each setting. On the Halloweenesque Fog for instance, players will be able to become Michael Myers, allowing the players to traverse the fog-laden swamp with the character’s iconic mask and bloody hand axe in tow.

Though not quite as awesome, others maps will feature similar perks such as the ability to activate a shuttle test engine, and call upon an offshore artillery strike to wreak havoc upon your enemies. Additionally, Onslaught will introduce players to the Maverick assault rifle and Maverick sniper rifles. The DLC will also include new Extinction enemies (dubbed “phantoms” and “the Breeder”), alien-derived weapons, and the first of four narrative-driven offerings. This one, set amid a snow-capped Alaskan base, is titled “Episode One: Nightfall.”

Onslaught is slated for release on Jan. 28 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, with PC and PlayStation systems coming after.