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It’s better to be ‘CODnapped’ than kidnapped according to the new Call of Duty trailer

Being kidnapped and forced to play the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC sounds far more welcoming than having a black sack thrown over your head and being whisked away for, err, less-savory activities. Previously showcased in Infinity Ward’s developer trailer, the first of four planned DLC expansions for the title, dubbed “Onslaught,” will introduce players to a host of new multiplier maps, two new weapons, and a brand-new add-on “episode” for the game’s alien-swarming Extinction mode. Given most Call of Duty commercials adopt a humorous approach to the franchise, it’s not surprising to see the developer still running with the gimmick.

The latest live-action trailer for the title follows Stephen Graham — of Snatch, Gangs of New York and Boardwalk Empire fame — and a band of military operatives as they “CODnap” unsuspecting victims caught up in the humdrum of daily life (i.e. attending work soirees, hanging with the girlfriend, grocery shopping with the baby). The trailer also showcases a bit of in-game footage from the forthcoming DLC, and hell, Graham even drops a solid F-bomb less than a minute into the footage. It’s not quite on par with the Old School kidnapping scene, but hey, we’ll take it.

Onslaught is slated for release on Jan. 28 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, with PC and PlayStation systems coming after. Also, check out our comprehensive Call of Duty: Ghosts review for a closer look at the four-star title if you haven’t already.