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Latest ‘Dead Rising 3’ story is not exactly a happy romp through zombieland

Three days is more than enough time for things to go south, especially when a zombie infection strikes. With the gritty slaughterfest that is Dead Rising 3 set to launch within a matter of weeks, Microsoft Studios and developer Capcom Vancouver have released a sneak peek at the nightmarish events surrounding former-mechanic Nick Ramos and his ragtag group of survivors. And as expected, the whirling storyline is far from endearing or cheerful.

Set in the crumbling city of  Los Perdidos, the trailer shows Ramos unknowingly stumbling upon a swath of staggering zombies deep within some sort of prison, a mere three days after an infectious outbreak has riddled the once-thriving city with the living dead who have a mean case of bloodlust. Ramos is tackled, bitten, and given hours when he finds shelter with a group of survivors, many of whom are quickly introduced in the brief story trailer. It appears players will have to contend with a foul-mouthed army official, crashing airplanes and a team of anarchist bikers in addition to — you know — thousands of brain-guzzling zombies.

It’s also the series’ first original story since 2010’s DR2, as Dead Rising: Off the Record was no more than a spin-off of the second installment featuring the first games’ protagonist, Frank West. True to the series, players will still be able to earn Prestige Points, redeemable for various stat boosts to agility, life, and other attributes, while mowing down legions of the dead using an arsenal of customizable weapons within the game’s open-world environment. 

Dead Rising 3 launches alongside the Xbox One on Nov. 22, with additional DLC packs set to begin arriving in Dec. 2013. Check out our hands-off impressions of the title at E3 2013.