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Latest Fuse trailer puts you inside the mind of the villains

There’s a new trailer from Electronic Arts and Insomniac Games for the upcoming four-player co-op shooter, Fuse. The future-set story opens on a world in which the discovery of alien technology gives birth to a crazy new arms race. All of the conflict is centered around an extra-terrestrial substance called “Fuse.”

This latest trailer sheds light on what the villainous leaders of the Raven Corporation plan to do with the alien weapon. They’ve got all kinds of horrible plans, but Raven bad guy-in-chief Senator Fable acknowledges that there’s something standing in the way of their plans: the four members of Overstrike 9 Team. It’s up to this foursome, the game’s playable protagonists, to stop Fable and derail his nefarious plot.

Fuse arrives on May 28th for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Check out our recent preview to learn more about the game.