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Latest ‘Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’ cranks out the cutscenes

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, the capricious third and final installment of  the Final Fantasy XIII series-within-a-series, lives on.

Previously announced during Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary event, and further showcased at E3 2013, the game will feature Lightning as the main protagonist and sole playable character, as she works to save the world from utter destruction within a 13-day time period, several hundred years after the events of the previous game. The new trailer  from the floor of the 2013 Tokyo Game Show spotlights an ever-so remorseful Caius and few snippets of in-game footage amid a flurry of cutscenes. It appears polished, but who knows if it can make up for dismal gameplay and plagued combat system of the last two installments.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is slated for a February 2014 arrival on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.