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Meet the difference between the current and next gen versions of ‘NBA 2K14’: the Eco-Motion engine

As NBA 2K14 developer Visual Concepts points out early on its newly-released developer diary, next-gen graphics are all about the subtleties. Arching narratives, such as Lebron James’ recently-details “Path to Greatness,” will surely immerse players — along with the new Pro-Stick controls — but it’s the game’s Eco-Motion engine that will separate it from the current gen versions and bring it all to life like never before.

Outlined in the video diary above, the new engine will help bring closer attention to environmental details and facial expressions, making the game more realistic and unpredictable than past titles. Emotions will be more animated, lights brighter and more vivid, while actions like dribbling and dunks will behave differently depending on each scenario. And while senior producer Rob Jones and lead gameplay designer Mike Wang may talk about how next-gen consoles have opened the door for greater emotional realism and a new foundation of depth, the best part of the video is still seeing Lebron screaming during the head capture session. He looks angry.

NBA 2K14 is currently available on current-gen systems and slated for release alongside the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One on Nov. 15 and 22, respectively.