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The Making of Child of Light: Part 1

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With just over a month to go until its release, Ubisoft continues to put the spotlight on Child of Light. The fantasy title takes players on a fairy tale journey through the magical world of Lemuria, one dappled with traditional RPG-style elements and unique visual flare. Centered on a young girl name Aurora and her quest to bring back the sun and the moon, it’s a coming-of-age title reveling in classic turn-based combat, clever puzzle design, and co-op mode akin to Rayman Legends — except with more than 600 crafting combinations and 200 available skills to obtain. 

In the latest developer diary, Child of Light‘s Creative Director Patrick Ploude and other members of the development team discuss the reasons for creating the game and the aesthetic style they were aiming to achieve. Both the art director and lead graphist speak about how 18th-century illustrations and artists — such as John Bauer — inspired them to create the dreamy, watercolor-esque world of Lemuria, citing their desire to give gamers the “impression they were awake in an underwater dream.” It also offers a glimpse at the original concept art and level design, along with a fair amount of gameplay.

Child of Light is scheduled for release on current and last-gen consoles on April 30 for $14.99. In the meantime, check out the short Child of Light walkthrough with lead programmer Brianna Code for a closer look at the puzzle design, battle system, and questing options.